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Snow north Washington DC the Potomac Snow and DC Washington Monument Monument in distance Washington DC Snow

Snow along Potomac River

Washington DC

Potomac River snow and Ice

Snow Potomac DC

Snow effects in the DC area means trouble. Obviously it can effect the buses and cars, but as the snow ploughs get out and pile up the downfall to clear the streets, often that means putting these piles where the pedestrians normally stand, i.e., sidewalks. This is particularly a problem when a corner intersection is fortified with snow walls requiring walkers to kick and stomp their way through to cross the avenue. When the warmer temps come in and reduce the messy piles to slush, the residue easily flows into low-slung "office" shoes.

On the other hand, nothing quietens the city like snow drifting down. Suddenly car noises and sirens are distant or nonexistent, making each tread down a street somehow more private but encompassing more of a city no longer obscured by noise.

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