hirshhorn museum in Washington DC - Escalator Sun glinting on building Washington DC Photo by Erik Weems White House in snow - Washington DC Farragut Park Homeless Photo by Erik Weems 19th Street DC Northwest Georgetown University Photo by Erik Weems J W Woolworth Diner Menu - Smithsonian Museum Department of AgricultureSuntrust Bank 15th StreetDC in the Distance Photo by Erik Weems

The Living City Washington DC

The Capitol of the United States, but a surprisingly "small town" within its borders.

Peace Monument (aka the 1877 Naval Monument)

peace Monument Statues - Washington DC

Statues ("History" and "Grief") erected 1877 to honor naval war dead from the American CIvil War. Inscribed on the base is "In memory of the officers, seamen and marines of the United States Navy who fell in defense of the Union and liberty of their country, 1861-1865" - sculpture was done by Franklin Simmons.Below the twin statues (out of sight here in this photo) is another female neo-classical figure titled "Victory."

Art of War Sculpture

Art of War Sculpture in Washington DC

National Archives

National Archives in College Park Maryland

National Archives - Maryland College Park Building

8601 Adelphi Rd, College Park, MD 20740

National Archives in College Park Maryland

National Archives in College Park Maryland

National Archives in College Park Maryland Photo by Erik Weems

Mounted Police

Horse mounted White House Police - Washington DCMounted Horse Police atthe White House in Washington DC

White House, Washington DC

Willard Hotel - Pershing Park

Willard Hotel - Washington DC - Pershing Park

The DC Marriott is on the opposite side (with the slightly lower flag staff)

Birds over DC Winter

Barr Building - Farragut Park

Barr Building Washington DC Photo by Erik Weems

Entrance Doors Barr Building Connecticut Ave

Barr Building Facade Washington DC

Farragut Park - Barr Building


Vace Pizza Cleveland Park

Inside Vace Pizza Cleveland Park area

Coming into DC by train

Coming into DC by train

Suntrust Bank 15th Street

Suntrust Bank 15th Street Washington DC Photo by Erik Weems

Suntrust Bank building at intersection of 15th Street, Pennsylvania and New York Ave. Built 1888, architect James T. Windrim. Additions added 1916, 1925 and 1985.

Suntrust Bank 15th Street

Dupont Circle Fountain

Photo by Erik Weems Dupont Circle Waters

More Dupont Circle

Sculpture Dupont Circle Fountain

National Mall

Archives view from the National Mall - Hirshhorn Museum  Balcony Photo by Erik Weems

New construction 6th and New York Ave

New York Ave and 6th New Construction

New Construction new York Ave - 6th Street

Interior National Gallery of Art

Interior National Gallery of Art Photo by Erik Weems


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