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Web Cams Washington DC

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Web Cams in Washington DC

Live images of the Capitol

The nature of webcams is that they tend to go offline quit a bit. Refreshing a web cam later (sometimes) finds it back online.

UPDATED July 4, 2020

To see street views within DC, look at the traffic cams here

Reagan National Airport Cam

[Above] Looking toward Memorial Bridge and Potomac River

DC Webcams

East Central DC - pointed toward Capitol Hill from New Jersey Ave. and L Street. (This camera is also available here at weatherbug)

Kennedy Center webcam - Looks at the Kennedy Center and takes in Roosevelt Bridge over the Potomac

Washington Monument Cam - looking right down the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial and the Potomac / Tidal Basin.

LOOKR - Southwest - Close shot of the Capitol Building from Independence Ave.

EarthTV - Aimed right at the Capitol Dome without much else in the frame.

Cherry Blossom Cam/EarthTV - Camera changes view frequently to see Jefferson Memorial, Arlington in distance across Potomac, and to view the large number of cherry trees along Ohio Drive.

Weatherbug - Looking across to the Lincoln Memorial toward the skyline of Arlington

WJLA Tower - Camera angle varies - sometimes pointed down Wisconsin Ave toward the National Cathedral with Georgetown and the Potomac in the distance, other times the angle takes in the Washington Monument (on the left) and the National Cathedral (on the right) with DC and Potomac River spread out in between. Other angles include looking at the huge Mt. Reno WTOP radio tower (built 1954) at the crossings of 40th SW, Wisconsin, Brandywine and Chesapeake, with Friendship Heights in background.

Pentagon - Looking at 395 and intersection with Washington Blvd., and the Fashion Center.

Martin Luther King Memorial statue - cam pointed at the memorial.

McKinley Technology High School - Hall of Science, T Street and North Capitol.

NBC Channel 4 - Variety of cameras, for example Key Bridge Web Cam

Panoramic view over Potomac - can move camera to view Thomas Jefferson memorial northward, or southward down the Potomac - Showing older image, not sure this is being updated any longer. Captured image is still functional at site, though.

A DC Marina - near the War College, on the Washignton Channel.

Watergate along Potomac

National Harbor Camera

Nationals Park

Arlington Army Navy Club

Congressional Country Club - Potomac Maryland

GW Founding Fathers - Rooftop view of city / Axis Camera

To see street views within DC, look at the traffic cams here

Reagen National Airport - River visual camera

View of Lincoln memorial, Potomac River

More Area Web Cams

National Zoo webcams - they list four sets of cams for the exhibits of Giant Panda, Naked Mole-rat, Lion Cam, and Elephant Cam.

Silver Spring Web Cam - Looking at a residential neighborhood

Montgomery County Traffic Cams - - dozens and dozens of street cams on the Montgomery County Dept. Transportation system

Tysons Corner - from atop the Hyatt Regency

College Park, Maryland, looking down McKeldin Mall toward the University building, with DC in the distance on the right, and Bowie, MD, directly to the West.

College Park II, Maryland, again, situated at Stadium and Paint Branch Dr., Lakeland

Belle Haven Country Club - In Alexandria, near Four Mile Run creek

Alexandria - Residential nieghborhood webcam

Washington DC Live Radio

WMAL Radio Live Page - traffic and radio talk shows

DC Live and almost-live camera angles

WJLA DC-360 Camera shots

WJLA Weather Camera page


DC Street View - Downtown

Dead Cams

The list below are cams not functioning during the last check. As in the nature of web cams, they may come back online at any time.

LOOKR - Only showing 2019 screen shots - From across the Potomac aimed right at the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument just past it, and the Capitol dome sticking up.

Shauntanner Cam - Looking right at the Lincoln Memorial with DC behind.

EarthCAM - National Mall - you can see the Washington Monument with the African-American Museum on the right, and the Lincoln memorial off in the distance.

Weatherbug - WTOP Radio location in Friendship Heights, DC.

WJLA ABC channel 7 - From the WJLA building

Torpedo Factory - Looking out at the Potomac with DC on the other side.

Marine Corps Iwo Jima Memorial - WJLA-TV Camera

Cheverly MD - looking toward the US Capitol Building

Memorial Bridge Click to see more

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