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LIVING CITY DC Olssons Books and Records - Georgetown 1239 Wisconsin Ave Washington DC

Receipts of 1998

Washington DC shops which have since closed

Tower Records - 2000 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC

Tower Records and Video at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave (the video section was actually an altogether separate store space on the other side of the building selling VHS tapes and Laserdisks, and eventually DVDs).

Borders Music at 1801 K Street Washington DC

Before the domination of the internet for music, film and books, Borders Book Store on 1801 K was a thriving two-story space with a music dept that was jammed during lunch hours of the work week, as was most of the rest of the store, including a bustling cafe lunch/snack space.

At a time when the purchase of music was made in person by thumbing through racks and organized bins of CD displays (or racks of cassette tapes), the large numbers of DC workers looking for new music to use to carry them through the rest of their work day, or for gifting, or for taking home, was huge.

The book buying and magazine areas were also frequently filled with large numbers of people, with six to ten cashier registers operating near the exit during peak shopping hours.

The store featured an extensive art book area, a very large local history and USA/International history section, and a vast selection of books on film and the related arts (TV, theatre, etc.)

Compuprint of Washington DC

Basement level computer supply store.

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