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Inside Union Stations - levels UnionStation statues with swords Union Station Sculpture Washington DC Union Station Washington DC

Union Station

DC's main spot for trains, metro, buses and taxis

50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

If you hop an Amtrak train anywhere in the USA and stay on board long enough, you'll pass through Union Station.

Union Station Plaza was opened in 1908 (replacing a train depot that was originally stationed at the National Mall), but by the 1970s became a closed up derelict on the edges of a fairly rough neighborhood (though certainly not the roughest in DC), but beginning in 1983 renovations (with a $160 million building budget) and accompanying the development of the local area, transformed the venerable train station into a bustling shopping, transportation and tourist center.

Union Station

Inside Union StationUnion Station Washington DC

Map Union Station Washington DC

Inside Union Station

Union Station Washington DC Interior

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