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LIVING CITY DC The Barr Building Washington DC Barr Building at Farragut Park - Washington DC

Barr Building

Washington DC

910 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20006

Built in 1926 in the style called "English Gothic Revival." Surrounded by newer buildings in the glass-box style, the Barr Building seems like an ancient aristocrat overlooking Farragut Square.

Grotesque gargoyle head style Barr Building

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Barr Building Entrance May 2021

Barr Building - Farragut Park

Barr Building Farragut Park

Barr Building Washington DC Photo by Erik Weems

Entrance Doors Barr Building Connecticut Ave

The Barr Building

The Barr Building

Barr Building Facade Washington DC

Farragut Park - Barr Building

Nighttime at Barr Building entrance

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At the corner of Farragut Square

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