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17th Street Under Construction NW Washington DC17th Street NW at K Street and Farragut Park

17th Street NW Washington DC

This street is a disjointed thoroughfare interrupted in many places as it wiggles through DC (it is not a straight line in much of its pathway). Starting at Rock Creek, 17th eventually runs along Farragut Square and then down along the White House security area to Constitution.

17th and K Street

Seven Eleven on 17th and Eye Street Barr Building

Seven Eleven on 17th and Eye Street, Barr Building

Barr Building Washington DC

More Barr Building

More Farragut Square Washington DC

Evacuation Route 17th and K street NW Washington DC

Evacuation Route

Barr Building Snow

Barr Building (center) at Farragut Park

17th and Eye Street Washington DC NW

Technically, 17th and "I street" - base of the "Hill Building" - aka "Club Quarters"

Inside the White House McDonalds

More McDonalds Hamburger of the Presidents

17th Street and Penn Ave Washington DC in the rain

Memorial Bridge Click to see more

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