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LIVING CITY DC The White House McDonaldsInside the White House McDonalds

The "White House" McDonalds

Hamburgers of the President

750 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006

I've been going to this McDonalds since the late 1970s, originally on school field trips and then as a place for food when I was working up the street by the Old Executive Office Building, and then later as one of those dozens of places I check on a few times a year to see how its changed. This McDonalds is in a state of quiet business (2021) now with robotic automation apparently pervading the location as the current pandemic and election year excitement slows down basic commerce. This is a far cry from the bustling noise of the past when bodies were jammed into the small venue, worker and patrons alike jostling to make or to pick up their orders. Besides the office workers and the tourists, there was once a convenient ice skating rink nearby which drew customers who then spilled over to the McDonalds for after-skate snacks, just one of many scenarios that drove people in through the doors of this small fast food place where Presidents sometimes end up (or order meals from).

Ordering at the White House McDonalds

Inside the White House McDonalds

Kiosk ordering McDonalds

Ordering food at the McDonalds Washington DC

The order pickup and manual ordering area

Old Executive Office Building on 17th Street

This is right across the street from this McDonalds - The New Executive Office Building

More 17th Street NW Photos

Disney in the McDonalds window 17th Street NW

Photo September 29, 2021

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